GEA In Mongolia

For the first impression of Mongolia, it is nothing more than vast grassland, a nation riding on horseback, a yurt, a hada, and the legendary conqueror Genghis Khan.

You may not know that Mongolia's education system is also very developed. There are many public and private universities in the country, and the ranking in the world is relatively high. However, due to some restrictive factors such as the relative backwardness of the national economy, many domestic students have the idea of looking at the outside world. In recent years, the number of Mongolian students who choose to study abroad has been rising, and the proportion is even higher than that of China.

In 2018, GEA engaged Enkh-Od Dashnyam as GEA's channel partner in Mongolia(referred to as the "Mongolia team" below). The team will be led by experienced Dashnyam, with Tsogt-Ochir and Munkhbayar, who are well versed in multi-national education application strategies, to help Mongolian students learn more about higher education in the UK, Europe, America and Australia, and enter the world's top universities for further study!

ENKH-OD Dashnyam

Director for Mongolia

ENKH-OD Dashnyam, Bachelor of Security Studies (Business) from National Intelligence Academy. He served as the Director for Mongolia, Advisor and President of Bridge Blue Mongolia, Foreign Affairs and Youth Mongolian Prime Minister Office, and the Mongolian Youth Democratic Association, and has accumulated rich industry experience. In addition, he set out to run the Terabyte International Language School which has been in operation ever since. Strong professional ability and active thinking style make him shine in different jobs!

ENKH-OD Dashnyam is the Director of the Mongolia team and is responsible for the management of the team, the overall operation of the planning and consulting business, and marketing. He will use his extensive management experience to help Mongolia team develop to a higher level through continuous improvement and challenge!


Senior Counselor

ERDENEZAYA Tsogt-Ochir graduated from Otgontenger University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education degree. After she started her career, she worked as an education official and an English teacher. She has worked diligently during her tenure and has achieved outstanding results in all aspects. During 2016-2017, ERDENEZAYA Tsogt-Ochir went to Beijing Normal University to study Chinese, improve her language skills, and constantly enrich and improve herself! Now, she is not only a workplace OL who can easily handle her work, but also an all-powerful goddess who can speak various languages!

ERDENEZAYA Tsogt-Ochir's role in the Mongolia team is a Senior Counselor who is responsible for student recruitment, institution counseling, application and follow-up. She will strive to provide the most professional study abroad consulting services for Mongolian students!

KHULAN Munkhbayar


KHULAN Munkhbayar graduated from the National University of Medical Science in 2018 and worked as an interpreter at Bridge Blue Mongolia. She is familiar with the teaching features and application process of universities in many countries. It is precisely her love and determination to the international education industry that keeps her moving forward in her work!

KHULAN Munkhbayar is a Counselor in the Mongolia team, responsible for study abroad consulting services, application and follow-up as well as assisting the team with other tasks.