History of GEA
  • 2020 Online International Education Expo was held in summer and attracted hundreds of students and parents to participate in it.
  • Won the "2020 Technology Innovation Education Brand " award at the 2020 "Echo China" Tencent Education Annual Ceremony. Mr. Freeman Yeung, the Chief Executive Officer, received the Award of "Most Influential People in Education 2020”.
  • The 7th Ride for the Children charity cycling, from Yellow Crane Tower to Yueyang Tower. Along the way, you can both experience the local literati and contribute to improving the reading quality of rural children.
  • Become a strategic partner of BUIC in China in 2021.
  • Release a new generation application data management system - ISSUE system.
  • Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Northeast University, ranking 44 in the United States.
  • Cooperate with U.S. News global education, the leading authority of higher education in the world, to create the exclusive training exam for overseas Chinese consultants in the United States. The second exam officially begins.
  • The 7th GET-GEA global partners conference held in Xi'an.
  • The 6th "ride for the children" charity cycling in Guangxi.
  • Received the "2018-2019 Heart to Heart Company" award issued by the Hong Kong Youth Association.
  • Cooperated with U.S.News Global Education, the world's leading American higher education authority, to create an exclusive training and exam for education counselors. Over 3000 counselors obtained certification.
  • The GET-GEA Annual Conference was held in Chongqing in October.
  • The fifth "ride for the children" charity cycling, cycling around Taihu Lake was officially opened. 26 public welfare Knights took two days and nights to ride for love, with a total of 280 km. This charish ride joined the 50km Mini riding challenge.
  • The 4th GEA Global Annual Conference was held in Haikou,Hainan.
  • The 4th Ride For The Children charity cycling from Tangkou, Kaiping to Zhaoqing was organized for renovation of Shangen Primary School.
  • Organized Linden International Recruitment Tours in China.
  • We supported the construction of a community cultural center in Tangkou Old Market of Kaiping City, Guangdong Province in 2016.
  • GEA won Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2016 - Innovation & Technology Award.
  • GEA won Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2015 - Enterprise Award - the only educational organization winning the award.
  • In July, GEA “Giving” series launched its first session – “Ride for the Children”. GEA has been spreading love with the power of charity and has a responsibility to seek happiness for students.
  • GEA received the Brand Excellence Award of the ENTERPRISING Hong Kong Awards 2014.
  • GEA won the "Family-Friendly Employer" award as well as the "Hong Kong Star Brand – Small and Medium Enterprises Award".
  • WFOE structure has been successfully established by forming a fully owned subsidiary in Shenzhen.
  • GEA's business was founded under the name of "Global Education Network" in Hong Kong in 2004.
  • Global Education Alliance (GEA) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2009.