How do we service our cooperative overseas education providers?

We aim to be a platform, helping our cooperative overseas education providers to find new opportunities, maintain and grow their business. Going into smaller and regional cities requires a tremendous amount of energy, an understanding of the local culture and enormous patience. We take advantage of our geographical location and local knowledge to lay the steps down for our cooperative overseas education providers.
We also aim to help our cooperative overseas education providers achieve specific goals. One of these examples is faculties matching. We bring faculty staff from our cooperative overseas education providers to the corresponding faculty at our local partnered universities. This has proven to be a good way to generate business, particularly with those faculties having smaller numbers of international students.

We are committed to providing students with an international and cross-cultural educational experience. In the future, we will develop a number of overseas study tours for students, such as cultural tours, summer camps, and winter camps. The students will make more international friends, experience the life of studying abroad, develop an international perspective, and eventually achieve a true sense of travel and learning.

We are fortunate to be in a industry serving the elite and privileged population in Asia. We believe in social responsibility and make commitments to help those communities in need. “Ride For The Children” is our annual fund raising event and the money goes to a rural school for renewing the facilities.

The instability and the difficulty in employing foreign teachers are the key problems which have plagued international schools in improving foreign language teaching. We will rely on our qualifications and vast overseas partner institution resources, strictly select of foreign teachers with rich teaching experience and skills, provide more excellent foreign teaching resources to international schools, help students quickly improve their English and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning so that they can successfully enter their ideal institution.